Archive of Libranet ISOs

Some of the releases are missing from the archive. I do not have any copies of the repositories either, unfortunately. If you have releases or copies of the archive that are missing, please DM me and I’ll be happy to add them!

No warranty is provided. Be aware that this is old software, and as such has known security issues. It is provided for those who wish to relive the good old days of Libranet, or for those who may wish to run it on older hardware. It is strongly advised that you do not connect systems running these legacy versions to the internet.

Note: These ISOs and the software on them are not Y2038 compliant. If you’re trying to run them in the year 2038 (or later), you’ll need to set your computer’s time to a date prior to 01/01/2038.

All of the ISOs listed below have been authenticated in that they are exact copies of media distributed by Libranet.

ISO Description SHA256 checksum
libranet-2.8.1-cd1.iso Libranet 2.8.1 Flagship Edition - Disc 1 of 2 04a9b9b3fc70249616f9845fdfc6e0cc1244e14dd7b9d47da864414c957d62c1
libranet-2.8.1-cd2.iso Libranet 2.8.1 Flagship Edition - Disc 2 of 2 9308223908ff92a1c0fa900885869edb56cb6eab9969a6f23c1de88f6461d379
libranet-3.0-rc6-cd1.iso Libranet 3.0 rc6 - Disc 1 of 5 31748e691d2fd7960fb0fa085938aeb3300a79093e89d4f51462bcff1319225f
libranet-3.0-rc6-cd2.iso Libranet 3.0 rc6 - Disc 2 of 5 8ab0ace203311490766a8c5b6bfd4a35ab5ed0743b0f1a61d72279b62d678a0c
libranet-3.0-rc6-cd3.iso Libranet 3.0 rc6 - Disc 3 of 5 4bf085364929d0be1a4e971137d3a1c6649b429109e323b5816c761d83c66c93
libranet-3.0-rc6-cd4.iso Libranet 3.0 rc6 - Disc 4 of 5 c62ae778325827cf8783185057369e4c9a5cb5044fa77f8947b27810f3fa6a1f
libranet-3.0-rc6-cd5.iso Libranet 3.0 rc6 - Disc 5 of 5 9015adc301d7d5e14561ea6b303696636cea4f3c788d71230916db278712778b

A note about the 3.0 release: As far as I know, the release candidate 6 was what the actual stable release of 3.0 was. I do not have any 3.0 stable release media to verify this, however, I believe it to be accurate.